Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Start A Valentine Tradition

As a kid Valentines Day was a favorite holiday of mine. We always handmade all our Valentines for our family, neighbors and friends. That was probably because they didn't sale Valentines in bulk like they do now, if they did sale them I didn't know about it. It was such fun to pull out all the paper doilies, red and pink construction paper, glue, scissors and get to work. But Even better than making the Valentine's was the delivery!!! On Valentine's Evening we would bundle up and head out with our with our homemade Valentine's in hand, at each door we would leave that special Valentine on the door step, knock and RUN! It was so fun to hide and watch our friends look around for us. 
I still make homemade Valentine's for my family

Movie Coupon Card

You and your kids can have fun making this Love note in just a few simple steps:

This is what you will need: Fun double sided paper,  a paper doily, felt,  paper punch, embroidery floss, a button, scissors and a glue stick 

Cut a 4" strip of paper , fold in paper strip  in half, paper punch one side
 Fold paper doily in  half and glue paper doily to the  paper

Cut a heart from the felt

Glue felt heart and button to the card

 Draw a heart and write I LOVE YOU on the inside flap. Now for the fun part, you can teach your child the skill of hand stitching. If you need a little help check HERE or fun ideas for teaching kids to sew at Sew Mama Sew.

Don't forget to spend time together making and baking the heart shaped sugar cookies!

An other way to get your kids involved in the fun of Valentining came from Over The Big Moon and The Anderson Crew

Individual mailboxes for your family to leave each other little messages all year. These Valentine's mailboxes are from Target's dollar bin.  Mount them to painted thrift store candlesticks or a matching wooden board is up to you.  I love the idea of putting a little note or treat in the mailbox each day leading up to Valentine's Day--it could even be the start of a brand new tradition!

What kind of holiday traditions are you establishing with your family through out the year? Top This Wedding would love to have you share.

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