Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What do women want? Shoes!

It's all about the bride!
The dress, the hair, the veil, and of
 course, the SHOES! 

Vintage wedding shoes are a v
ery big trend at the moment. They come in many different shapes and sizes and are styled from the past, inspired by Marilyn Monroe. Vintage wedding shoes can come in low, mid and high heeled shoes and they also come with a variety of accessories like sparkly shoe clips to make them that much more elegant.


The Bride and Groom Shoes

Comfort should be the number one thing on your 
shopping list. Don’t forget – you will be spending 
more time on your feet than you may realize

Be inspired by the things you like to do together
Bring on some BLING!

Try having the Bridesmaid bouquets and shoes be the same color


brides shoes

good idea: each girl has a solid color bouquet with matching shoes and the brides bouquet is a mix of them all

Having blue shoes could be your something blue for your special day, it could even bring out your wild side.

The bottoms even get in the action

Pinned Image
Write a special thank you to your bridesmaids on the
bottom of their shoe, so they can always remember
how special they are to you.

Give your groom a stand out look

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