Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Beginning!

I am so excited to start sharing my ideas, inspiration and creations with everyone.
A Little history first, I grew up in a small town in the west, my parents were both hard working folks. Dad was a military man, green beret paratrooper. Mom worked in a bakery for years and learned the trade well. We had a family of nine, so mom naturally developed the talents of cooking for a crowd.

That's my Mom in the middle

I was only six years old when the opportunity came along for my parents to buy a catering business. With all my mothers past experience and a large family she had a built in work force to run the business. So our family started "Elaine's Catering" (named after my mom), needless to say I grew up in a catering family. 
This is about the time we started catering

That is were I learned all the tricks of the trade. By the time I was 14 years old I was coordinating large events and running a wedding crew. So You might say wedding/event planning is in my blood! I studied fashion merchandising in collage and love to sew and create new things. With six children of my own, cooking has been a big part of my life. Food, fun and family!! 
Last year my daughter got married, she was the first of my children to tie the knot. It was such a thrill for both of us as we planned, created and cooked together. My daughter had so many fun ideas and wanted her wedding to be different and unique, we were determined to make that happen. She would come up with all kinds of clever ideas and bring them to me, Our theme soon became "We Can Make That!" and we did. 
So if you dream it "WE CAN MAKE IT"!

Top This Wedding utilizes four decades of experience to help brides and hostesses design one-of-a-kind event experiences for their guests. By mixing something old (vintage and repurposed items) with something new, each handmade piece I create becomes an item clients treasure long after the event is over. No two pieces are identical, ensuring every TopThisWedding client can create a purely individualized event reflective of their true style. Visit to learn more.

 What inspires you to be creative?

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